21 Pics

21 Pics is a personal photography project of Viktor Bevaro. Launched in 2011, it began as a digital photo-documentary serving to record the photographer's life, with 21 collages published each month. After taking a break of a few years, in 2015 Bevaro revived the project different form - this time, using an analog lomographic camera, changing the lens filters so that every set of 21 photos has a different colour scheme. The result offers a multi-pigmented set of images capturing everyday moments.

The number '21' refers to the century we are living in. The project aims to offer the artist a fresh alternative to the social media crazes, which he believes is too fast to be enjoyed fully, and takes away from the deeper historical purpose of personal photography. In this way, he counters the 'live', instant and short-lived documentation of social medias. 21 Pics thus serves as a nostalgic turn to the age of 'waiting' to look back on moments of the past.